At the sea´s shore: 

This small Project was born from my passion for intimate landscape photography and love for coastal landscapes. While walking along the seashore small scenes are happening at the height of our feet, which go unnoticed because they are not big waves accompanied by a storm, but equally all the waves that reach the shore have an ephemeral and unique beauty.

The sea is like an inexhaustible drawer, when the wave withdraws, draws on the sand, the next wave erases the drawing and begins again. See how one wave breaks on top of another or how the foam glides over a thin film of shimmering water; the shimmering of the sand changes according to the time of day and your position in front of it. The reflections we can see in the water when the sky begins to take color mixed with the foam. The water projections of a breaking wave illuminated by a ray of sunlight take on a different temperature than the rest of the wave.

All those ephemeral moments are what I intend to photograph with my way of seeing things.

César Llaneza.

César Llaneza ©
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