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I was standing on a jetty in the fishing village of Senjahopen located along the Mefjorden fjord in the northwest of the island of Senja; Norway. Observe how the landscape with the white houses and other belongings of the fishermen was reflected on the surface of the sea. The movement of the waves in the sea, distorted the reflections, generating shapes, textures and colors, were determining elements in my abstraction. It really was as if the movement of the sea crumbled the landscape creating pieces of a puzzle. Technique: The reflections were moving through the water waves at high speed so it was necessary to raise the exposure speed enough to make them come out sharp. Find a balance between exposure speed and depth of field. Due to my elevated position, I achieved a good depth of field, being able to parallelize the camera sensor to the sea surface. In order to increase the exposure speed and stop at f/13, it was necessary to raise the iso to 4000.

Photograph recently awarded with a Mention of Honor in the Creative Category: Shapes, Textures and Colors in the XXXIII Memorial Maria Luisa International Photography and Video Contest of Mountain, Nature and Adventure.

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