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Creative golden wave

€490.00 EUR

One photo. An intimate creative landscape of a wave reaching the shore. Combination of warm white balance and polarizer to intensify the golden tones of the pebbles shimmering on the shore. Slow speed and ICM to achieve the interesting forms for a project I'm working on I photograph at the seashore; I'm looking for intimate and creative images; I photograph the waves at slow speed 1/10-1/20 when the sun illuminates the surface of the water. I set a personal white balance and by using a polarizer I enhance the golden tones of the light on the water. I apply a slight controlled camera movement to generate the inverted "V" on the left side.

Please choose the premium printing paper and indicate when making the payment by paypal

These are the different options for paper:

Hahnemühle Photo RAG Bright White 310 en papel mate. 

Hahnemuhle Photo RAG Baryta 315 en papel baritado.

Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 papel de metalic look  (My recomendation)

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